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A Recipe For Success – The Copiague Chamber of Commerce

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As a business owner, I strongly believe that small businesses are the backbone of our economy. It should go without saying that when small businesses succeed the entire community is affected in one way, or another. Aside from the obvious increase in tax revenue that is contributed to the local and state government, jobs are often kept local and spending patterns indicate that when people work locally they also spend locally thus injecting the local economy with money from the local economy, in other words, the money is for the most part, earned here and spent here. Not a bad idea when conditions are favorable, and that is what appears to be happening in our neighboring town of Copiague.

I recently had the honor of meeting Sharon Fattoruso, President of the Copiague Chamber of Commerce and Mona Vie, at an event sponsored by Lindenhurst Community Cares and Mayor Brennan at the Lindenhurst High School. Sharon, a strong community advocate for the Copiague Community Cares organization invited me to attend the Copiague Chamber of Commerce Biz Expo at the Copiague Firehouse. Any reporter will tell you that when you are invited to an event you need to do your homework before getting there, so with notebook in hand I started to drive around the business district in Copiague and after meeting with a few business owners I felt I had enough to at least start my conversations at the Biz Expo that same night.

Upon arrival at the Expo, I was greeted by a couple of Junior Chamber members who offered me some literature and welcomed me with a great amount of kindness and sincerity. As I stepped into the room where the event was taking place, I was just about floored by the excitement that was in the room. You could feel the enthusiasm and overall feeling of success in the air. Vendors were happily handing our samples, free gifts and some of the best food in Copiague.

At any of the tables, you visited members of the Copiague Chamber were eagerly awaiting your questions about the businesses they represented. Keep in mind, I had no “Sign” that said Press on me so as far as they were concerned I was just an average citizen. I started to ask them questions about the goods or services they offered and then I asked each one of them a similar question, and that was: How much of your success do you contribute to events such as this one sponsored by the chamber? Here are some of the responses that were given to me:
“From the very first time I joined the chamber I have received continual support and advice on how to increase my presence in the community”, another business owner said, “I belong to several “Chambers” and I can say without any prejudice that the Copiague Chamber has the proper attitude when it comes to representing different businesses fairly and without favoritism”.
Still another business owner said, I almost did not join the chamber because of the way most chambers are “Clicky”, I have to say, we are all equals here. While not everyone is on the Board of directors, everyone has a say”

I can now say that I have a better understanding why so many businesses in Copiague are doing better than neighboring towns. They have a chamber that is committed to them, a chamber that is committed to the community and an overall commitment by the community to support the merchants who in turn have made it a point continually to give back to the community.

Copiague Chamber of Commerce, Bravo! You have exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to following and reporting on your efforts, your accomplishments and your success.